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What Is Roger Milla Doing Now?

What is Roger Milla doing now? If you’re a football fan, you might remember this legendary Cameroonian striker who made waves in the 1990 World Cup. Roger Milla captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his incredible skills and goal celebrations. But what has he been up to since his retirement from professional football? In this article, we’ll delve into the life of Roger Milla and discover what he’s been doing in recent years.

Roger Milla, known for his dazzling performances on the field, has transitioned into a role as a football ambassador. After his retirement, he dedicated himself to promoting the sport and helping the next generation of players. Milla has been actively involved in various football initiatives, both in Cameroon and internationally. He has served as an ambassador for his country’s football federation, working towards the development and growth of the game at grassroots levels. Additionally, Milla has been a strong advocate for social causes, using his platform to raise awareness about important issues such as education and healthcare in Africa. So, while he may have hung up his boots, Roger Milla continues to make a significant impact in the world of football and beyond.

What is Roger Milla doing now?

What is Roger Milla Doing Now?

Roger Milla, the legendary Cameroonian footballer, has had an illustrious career both on and off the field. Known for his incredible skills and memorable performances in the FIFA World Cup, Milla has left an indelible mark on the sport. But what is he doing now? Let’s take a closer look at his current ventures and how he continues to make an impact.

Life After Football

After retiring from professional football, Milla remained connected to the sport that brought him fame and recognition. He has been actively involved in various initiatives aimed at promoting football in Cameroon and nurturing young talents. Milla understands the importance of giving back to the community that supported him throughout his career.

In addition to his involvement in football development, Milla has also pursued other interests. He has delved into the world of business, establishing his own foundation and investing in various enterprises. Milla’s entrepreneurial spirit and determination have allowed him to thrive in the business world, leveraging his fame and influence for positive change.

The Roger Milla Foundation

The Roger Milla Foundation stands as a testament to Milla’s commitment to social causes. Through this organization, he has focused on improving the lives of underprivileged communities in Cameroon. The foundation provides support in areas such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure development.

Milla has always been passionate about empowering the youth and ensuring they have access to opportunities that can shape their future. The foundation has implemented numerous projects, including the construction of schools, clinics, and sports facilities. By investing in education and healthcare, Milla aims to create a sustainable impact that will benefit generations to come.

Milla’s Role as an Ambassador

As a respected figure in the world of football, Milla has been appointed as an ambassador for various organizations and initiatives. His influence extends beyond Cameroon, as he represents the sport at a global level. Milla’s role as an ambassador allows him to advocate for important causes and use his platform to raise awareness.

One of the notable ambassadorial roles Milla has taken on is with UNICEF. Through this partnership, he has been involved in campaigns that focus on children’s rights and well-being. Milla’s presence and support have helped shed light on the challenges faced by children in vulnerable communities and the importance of addressing their needs.

Milla’s Impact on Cameroonian Football

Milla’s impact on Cameroonian football cannot be overstated. His performances in the FIFA World Cup in 1990 and 1994 brought international attention to the talent and potential of African footballers. Milla’s goal-scoring prowess and charismatic celebrations made him a beloved figure not only in Cameroon but also worldwide.

His success on the field inspired a generation of young footballers in Cameroon, who saw in Milla a representation of their dreams and aspirations. Today, Cameroon continues to produce talented players who aspire to follow in Milla’s footsteps and make their mark on the global stage.

In recognition of his contributions to football, Milla was inducted into the FIFA Hall of Fame in 1994. This prestigious honor solidified his status as one of the sport’s greatest icons and further cemented his legacy.


Roger Milla’s journey after retiring from professional football has been marked by his dedication to giving back and making a difference. Through his foundation and various ambassadorial roles, Milla continues to leave an impact on the lives of others, particularly in his home country of Cameroon. His legacy as a footballer and philanthropist is a testament to the power of sport and the potential for individuals to create positive change.

Key Takeaways: What is Roger Milla doing now?

  • Roger Milla is currently retired from professional football.
  • He enjoys spending time with his family and friends.
  • He remains involved in the football community through various charitable activities.
  • Milla occasionally attends football events and offers his insights and opinions.
  • He continues to inspire young players with his achievements and legacy in the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Roger Milla and what he is doing now.

1. How did Roger Milla make his mark in football history?

Roger Milla is a Cameroonian football legend who made his mark in football history during the 1990 FIFA World Cup. At the age of 38, he became the oldest goalscorer in World Cup history and the first African player to score in four different World Cup tournaments. Milla’s iconic celebration, dancing around the corner flag, became a symbol of his joy and passion for the game.

After his impressive performance in the 1990 World Cup, Milla continued to play professional football and had successful stints with clubs in France and other countries. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest African footballers of all time.

2. Has Roger Milla retired from professional football?

Yes, Roger Milla has retired from professional football. After a long and illustrious career, he retired from playing in 1997 at the age of 45. Despite his age, Milla continued to be a remarkable player and his impact on the game is still remembered today.

Since his retirement, Milla has been involved in various football-related activities, including coaching and promoting the sport in Cameroon and across Africa. He has also been an ambassador for several organizations and campaigns aimed at improving the lives of young people through sports.

3. What is Roger Milla doing now?

Currently, Roger Milla is actively involved in promoting grassroots football in Cameroon. He has established the Roger Milla Foundation, which focuses on providing opportunities for young footballers and developing their skills. Through his foundation, Milla organizes football tournaments and training programs to nurture talent and create pathways to professional football.

In addition to his work with the foundation, Milla is also a respected ambassador for Cameroon football and the African continent as a whole. He continues to inspire young players and contribute to the growth of the sport in various capacities.

4. Does Roger Milla still attend football events?

Yes, Roger Milla is often seen attending football events and matches, both in Cameroon and abroad. As a football icon, he is invited to participate in ceremonies, tournaments, and other football-related activities. Milla’s presence at these events not only honors his legacy but also serves as an inspiration to the current generation of players and fans.

Milla’s passion for the game is evident in his continued involvement and support for football, and his presence at these events is always celebrated by fans and fellow football enthusiasts.

5. What is Roger Milla’s legacy in African football?

Roger Milla’s legacy in African football is immense. He paved the way for future generations of African players to excel on the world stage and proved that age should never be a barrier to success. Milla’s skill, agility, and passion for the game continue to inspire young players across the continent.

His achievements, including his record-breaking performances in the World Cup, have helped put African football on the map and gain recognition on the global stage. Milla’s impact goes beyond his playing career, as he has dedicated himself to developing young talent and promoting the sport in Africa, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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Final Summary: Roger Milla’s Exciting Ventures Today

As we delve into the life of the legendary Roger Milla, it’s clear that even after retiring from professional football, he has not lost his passion for the game. Instead, he has channeled his energy into various exciting ventures that continue to make an impact in the football world. From grassroots development to philanthropy, Milla’s dedication to the sport and his community shines through.

One of the remarkable endeavors that Roger Milla is involved in today is his commitment to youth development. He recognizes the importance of nurturing young talent and providing them with opportunities to thrive. Milla actively supports football academies and programs that aim to discover and train the next generation of football stars. By investing in the future of the sport, he ensures that his legacy lives on and that the passion for football continues to burn brightly.

In addition to his contributions to youth development, Milla has also become a prominent figure in philanthropy. He uses his platform and influence to raise awareness for various social causes, particularly those related to education and healthcare. Through his foundation, he has been able to make a tangible difference in the lives of many, providing scholarships and medical assistance to those in need. Milla’s dedication to giving back is truly inspiring, and it showcases the values of compassion and empathy that he holds dear.

In conclusion, Roger Milla’s impact extends far beyond his illustrious football career. Through his involvement in youth development and philanthropy, he continues to make a significant difference in the lives of others. His unwavering passion for the sport and his community serves as a shining example for both current and future generations. Roger Milla’s legacy is not only etched in the history books but also in the hearts of those he continues to inspire.

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